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Diane - Spenser and Jensen Soy Body Butter

I have been using S&J Creation soy moisturizing body butter for 15 years+. I am truly hooked on it. The scent is clean and fresh...not over powering. This is definitely an all over butter and not just a hand cream. It doesn't leave a greasy residue like many other creams which I've tried and a little goes a long way. Everyone that tries it agrees. As a matter-of-fact, the last time I ordered I had to order 5 extra for my family and friends. The ordering process was very easy and delivery was fast. Thank you Spenser & Jensen for making this totally awesome product!!!


Susan - Spenser and Jensen Olive Oil Body Butter

I bought this body butter on a trip to San Diego... I use it daily and after I realized that it left my skin very soft and full of moisture I got on line and bought more. I do give it as gifts also.


Eileen from California

SJ Creations make WONDERFUL products. Great scents, quality soaps and lotions at a great price. My entire family and office co-workers (men and women) love these products and everyone in my circle of life will be receiving SJ Creations for Christmas this year! Thanks for everything.


Jazz of Minnesota - Spenser and Jensen Olive Oil Body Butter

This is the best body cream. It soaks into the skin and not at all greasy.


Sally - White Lily Hand Wash

This is the most fragrant, hand softening soap that I have ever used. It keeps my hands soft and smelling good for hours.


Adebola - Spenser and Jensen Olive Oil Body Butter

i love it


ADumont from San Diego - Lulu Dubois Grapefruit Night Cream

This night cream is awesome! First of all, the ingredients are amazing! It's jam packed with all sorts of beneficial extracts and oils (check out the ingredients in the details section). It's nice and thick to help replenish hydration while I slept, so I woke up to baby soft skin. I even used it during the day under my make up on the drier areas of my face. It's soft and non greasy, so I didn't feel weighed down, but I felt hydrated and happy all night and day long! I have sensitive skin, but did not have any breakout or irritation problems with this cream.


Cat Woman - Spenser and Jensen Olive Oil Body Butter

This body cream is my favorite of all time! It is so moist and creamy, absorbs very well, and leaves no greasy residue. I have one for work and one for home. It is a light, clean fragrance, that is never over-powering. Best ever!


Leslie - Spenser and Jensen Olive Oil Body Butter

I am diabetic and suffer from extremely dry cracking hands, I have tried everything including prescription hand lotion nothing has worked until I tried the olive oil body butter. I've used it now for over a year and it has cleared the cracks up and kept them from drying and re cracking. Thank you so much!


Sandy - Spenser and Jensen Soy Body Butter


It was given to me for when I went through chemo for my skin but found another wonderful use for it. It works wonderful for sunburn, it puts the moisture back in your skin from loss of moisture due to sunburn and I haven't peeled yet when I have used it.


Lisa from Delaware - French Lavender Caddy Set

The hand wash/hand cream in French Lavender have the most wonderful smell, and right now we have twin boys and I am washing my hands A LOT!!! These two products keep my hands soft and also keeps them from getting chapped. Thank you guys so much. Who needs candles or air freshener, once you use the lotion you can smell the lavender all over, and what a relaxing smell.


Melody - Sugar Cookie Home Accent Caddy

I love the soap & lotion. I especially love the fact that the children actually wash well because they love the lasting scent.


Anne - Citrus Basil Hand Wash

My grandson told me several times that he washes his hands lots more often at my house than at home, because he LOVES the scent. Trying to get him off the sports fields and into the house with a basin, water and soap has been a bit of a challenge! There are lots of liquid hand soaps these days, but none can measure up to the SJ one with the citrus basil scent.


Joan - Sugar Cookie Home Accent Caddy

Just wanted to let you know I love my product! I purchased 9 sets of the Sugar Cookie soap and lotion and am so pleased with it. Delivery was prompt and nicely packaged. Would highly recommend this seller.