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SJ Creations Supports - International Relief Teams

SJ Creations Supports International Relief Teams

International Relief Teams is a nonprofit, international relief organization dedicated to organizing volunteer teams to provide medical and non-medical assistance to the victims of disaster and profound poverty worldwide. For more than 20 years, SJ Creations' founders have kept contributing to help through annual monetary donations to the International Relief Teams and their global efforts.

2008 Sichuan earthquake
SJ Creations Antibacterial Hand Gel After the devastating 8.0 Sichuan, China earthquake in May 2008, SJ Creations Founders, Rich and Sundi Yousko, donated 17,000 bottles of Antibacterial Hand Gel sanitizers through International Relief Teams to help keep hands sanitized in that time of disaster helping to prevent infection and disease during a crisis of homelessness for earthquake victims.

Over 70,000 people were killed in that quake, which left anywhere from five to 11 million people homeless. On a personal note, SJ Creations’ Chinese factory is nearby, and Ming, one of its workers, has a home in Sichuan. Thankfully Ming, and his family, survived the devastating earthquake.

Read the 2008 IRT Report which discusses SJ Creations' aid during the Sichuan Earthquake

Project Healthy Baby
IRT has also joined forces with the Project Vietnam Foundation to save newborn lives by bringing its highly successful Project “Healthy Baby” program to Vietnam. Project Healthy Baby was created to provide a program that would focus efforts on reducing the high infant mortality rate through education on site and through satellite operations. The program is currently being implemented in Vietnam with the support of the IRT.

The number of Vietnamese babies who die during their first year of life is alarmingly high. Most of these deaths occur within the first 24 hours of life!

Vietnamese officials estimate that more than 40% of newborn death is caused by the inability of the baby to breathe. Through Project Healthy Baby, Vietnamese doctors and nurses who care for newborns are learning how to effectively resuscitate babies experiencing breathing difficulties or other medical emergencies that demand instant and effective intervention.

To donate to International Relief Teams, please visit WWW.IRTEAMS.ORG today.


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