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Q.) What is SJ Creations philosophy on their organic products?

A.) SJ Creations is committed to creating and manufacturing products that are inherently pure and safe while expanding the efficacy and vibrantly healthy benefits of organic body care. Because much of what we put on our skin is absorbed directly into our body, the products we apply to our skin must be truly clean and pure, natural and organic, made from ingredients that are effective and safe.

Q.) Will SJ Creations make a charitable donation to my organization?

A.) SJ Creations is committed to being a responsible member of the global community. To that end, as a corporation we support several charitable organizations, including International Relief Teams, Serving Hands International, and Big Brothers Big Sisters. Additionally, three percent of the sales from our Pure Organics Pink Grapefruit product goes to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Due to the support of our corporate programs we are not able to accept individual donation requests.

Q.) Who can I contact regarding a question or to share feedback about your product?

A.) Please visit the Contact Us page

Q.) Where can I buy SJ Creations product at retail?

A.) Please visit the Retail Locations page

Q.) I am a retailer and would like to sell your product in my stores, what should I do?

A.) Please visit our Wholesale Information page for more information.

Q.) I am interested in one of the products that is currently in the “wholesale gallery”, what should I do?

A.) Please visit the contact us page and tell us which products you are interested in. The more interest that we see in a specific product, the more likely we will be able to get that product for sale on the website.

Shipping & Order Information:

Q.) Where is my order? How do I track my order?

A.) You will receive an email with the ship date and tracking number. You can go to and put in the tracking # to get the update on your shipment. Members can also sign in to "My Account" to find order information.

Q.) How do I make returns? What is your return policy?

A.) Please see Terms & Conditions for information about returns.

Q.) How much will shipping cost? Can I get my products delivered faster?

A.) Please see the Shiping Information page for shipping costs and shipping times.

Q.) How do I use coupon codes?

A.) Enter the code at checkout in the "coupon code" field.

Q.) How do I make changes or cancel my order?

A.) No changes or cancellations may be made unless your order is delayed.

Pure Organics:

Q.) What does organic mean?

A.) Organic refers to the way agricultural products—food and fiber—are grown and processed. Organic food production is based on a system of farming that maintains and replenishes soil fertility without the use of toxic and persistent pesticides and fertilizers. Organic foods are minimally processed without artificial ingredients, preservatives, or irradiation to maintain the integrity of the food.

Q.) Are all organic products completely free of pesticide residues?

A.) Certified organic products have been grown and handled according to strict standards without toxic and persistent chemical inputs. However, organic crops are inadvertently exposed to agricultural chemicals that are now pervasive in rain and ground water due to their overuse during the past fifty years in North America, and due to drift via wind and rain.

Q.) Why choose organic?

A.) Personal care products are almost always absorbed by the skin. Choosing organic or natural products allows your skin to be treated with the healthiest ingredients, leaving your body nourished and happy.

Q.) What does natural mean?

A.) There are no clear guidelines and/or specifications regarding the ingredients of a “natural” product. The only regulation related to natural personal care products is voluntary and has been adopted by only a very small number of companies.

Q.) Should I choose Organic or natural?

A.) Organic vs. natural is a personal choice. In general if you believe in exposing yourself to fewer synthetic ingredients, pesticides and chemicals the use of organic personal care products is a good choice for you.

Q.) What are things to look for when considering Organic ingredients?

A.) Do the products your purchasing contain Parabens, SLS’s, Silicone, Petroleum, Artificial Colors, Synthetic Fragrances or Tested on Animals. These are things that we say NO to for the SJ Pure Face and Body products.


Q.) Why are ingredients in skin care product important?

A.) A significant amount of ingredients are absorbed directly into your body through your skin. (Think about how a motion sickness patch works). We use eco-cert certified organic ingredients, while avoiding the ingredients that are considered harmful to your body.

Q.) What are Parabens?

A.) Parabens, short for "para-hydroxybenzoate," are a class of preservatives widely used in cosmetics and personal care products. Though often described as occurring in nature (in blueberry plants, for example), only synthesized parabens are used in the manufacture of any products. The most common forms are butylparaben, ethylparaben, methylparaben and propylparaben.

While more research needs to be conducted, there is evidence to warrant caution in the use of, or exposure to, parabens. Unfortunately, reducing exposure to parabens is easier said than done. That's because widespread use of parabens in consumer products makes them "ubiquitous in the environment and our bodies due to multiple routes of exposure," according to Jeannie Rizzo of The Breast Cancer Fund. Although there is no definitive consensus on the danger of parabens, we have removed parabens from all our Pure Organic product formulations.

Q.) What are SLS’s and SLF’s?

Derived from palm or coconut oil, sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate (SLFs) are used in a broad range of personal care products as emulsifiers, surfactants or foaming agents. Activists point out that the compounds are used in floor cleaners and engine degreasers, as well as in shampoos, toothpastes, body washes, bubble baths, facial cleansers and babycare products. Logically, however, the fact of use in such a diversity of products does not in itself mean that SLFs are harmful.

The Journal of the American College of Toxicology reported in 1983 that SLFs can inflame the skin, separate skin layers and, worst of all, damage the immune system. In 1983, a panel of scientists and physicians convened jointly by the FDA and the Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association (CTFA) decided that SLFs were safe, as long as they were rinsed off the body. The reason is that consumers like products with SLFs because they lather up well.

Q.) What is EcoCert Certified?

A.) EcoCert is the leading European certification agency for organic ingredients. Many of the ingredients used in Pure Organics products are EcoCert certified.


Q. Is packaging recycled or recyclable?

A.) The outer box of our Pure face line is made from 100% recycled fiber including 30% post consumer-waste. All of Pure Labels for Face and Body are made with 100% recycled paper.