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Meet Lola, a 6 year old Sphynx

There’s no denying it. We love our pets here at SJ Creations! Over the next few weeks, we’re going to devote our blog to our beloved canine companions and feline friends. We’ll share stories and photos of our four-legged sidekicks.

Feel free to leave a comment on our blog or share a photo of your pet on our Facebook page. We’d love to meet your beloved animal friends too!

To end the month on a sweet note, we figured it was fitting to feature Lola, the feline friend of Graphic & Web Designer, Megan. With a name like Lola one would have to expect a danty, sassy little thing. Well, Lola certainly doesn’t disappointment. She is a petite, white-pinkish hairless wonder. This spunky diva spends most of her days sleeping and trying to sneak eat her dog-brother’s food and spends her evenings playing, running around the house and chasing Jose in a hyper frenzy.

That isn’t to say Lola doesn’t have her sweet moments, says Megan. “Spending the first year of her life being neglicted, she was very standoffish and you could barely pick her up or hold her without her freaking out. But after rescueing her 5 years ago, we have really seen her grow and change with nurturing. With a lot snuggle time and patience, Lola has become super affectionate and loveable!”

Lola’s favorite hangout is the linen closet. “Anytime I barely leave it open, she manages to jump in there, curl up really small and fall into a deep sleep. So much so, that I have searched the neighborhood looking for her thinking she got out and all the while, she is snuggle up in the closet,” says Megan.


Do you have a dog, cat or other special animal in your life? If you don’t have a pet, what is your dream pet?

Tell us about your pet in a blog comment and you could win a $25 gift card to SJ Creations during our October blog comment contest. A random winner will be selected from all blog comments on or around November 1, 2011.


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