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Meet Vinny, a Chihuahua/Dachshund /Pugg mix

There’s no denying it. We love our pets here at SJ Creations! Over the next few weeks, we’re going to devote our blog to our beloved canine companions and feline friends. We’ll share stories and photos of our four-legged sidekicks.

Feel free to leave a comment on our blog or share a photo of your pet on our Facebook page. We’d love to meet your beloved animal friends too!

Oh, Vinny! With his colorful coat and curly tail, this little guy is easily one of the cutest SJ EmPAWees in San Diego! Despite Vinny’s penchant for lying on clean clothes and begging for food, this playful pup, the proud canine companion of Graphic & Web Designer, Megan, is notorious for being a total sweetheart — just ask his brother and sister, Jose and Lola!

Vinny was adopted from a shelter at the ripe age of 6 months. Megan’s husband, Craig went to the shelter, took one look at him, asked to picked him up and Vinny did his siganture move… he plunged his head right into Craig’s chest and nuzzled away. That was all it took. Craig adopted him on the spot. Kind of a risky move, but we couldn’t imagine life with out him. “I was lucky have Vinny as part of our family because of my husband. I often joke that Vinny was the main selling point for me marrying him!”

Vinny loves drinking coffee (like his mommy), playing with his squeeky toy giraffe, sleeping, and snuggling under bed covers. If you need any more reason to seriously fall for this handsome guy, here’s an all-too adorable fact: When you say, “Oh, Vinny you’re soooo shy!” He lies down and covers his face with his paws!

Want to meet more SJ emPAWees? Keep your eye on the blog, because more are on the way!


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