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Meet Brandy, a 2-year-old Shepard Mix

There’s no denying it. We love our pets here at SJ Creations! Over the next few weeks, we’re going to devote our blog to our beloved canine companions and feline friends. We’ll share stories and photos of our four-legged sidekicks.

Feel free to leave a comment on our blog or share a photo of your pet on our Facebook page. We’d love to meet your beloved animal friends too!

Brandy is a 2-year-old shepard mix.  She’s genuinely sweet and barely makes a peep!  She’s special due to her rough past but she’s been making great progress and now is excited to get in the car, head out to the dog beach and run around for hours.  She’s the caretaker of my zoo, as she keeps tabs on the cat and rabbit to make sure they are happy and safe.

Her favorite things to do are chase after the other dogs at the beach (not the ball), rolling in the sand, and hiking in the mountains.  One of her funniest quirks is she decided to let us know she has to go out by running into the back door with her shoulder!  She doesn’t do it hard enough to hurt herself, so it’s just loud enough to get our attention.

I wouldn’t trade my “zoo” for the world!  They are amazing animals with such unique personalities that make every day special.

– Ashley, Art Director


Do you have a dog, cat or other special animal in your life? If you don’t have a pet, what is your dream pet?

Tell us about your pet in a blog comment and you could win a $25 gift card to SJ Creations during our October blog comment contest. A random winner will be selected from all blog comments on or around November 1, 2011.


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