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SJ Creations Captures the Scents of Summer

With summer less than one week away, it’s the perfect time to embrace and explore the wonderful scents that accompany this season of fun in the sun.

The lazy days spent lounging by the pool practically beg for the aroma of tropical fruits. Coconut, banana, papaya, pineapple, mango and passion fruit are all delicious-smelling aromas that mix perfectly with the summer heat. SJ Creations has hand washes, lotions, bath salts, room mists and more available in tropical fragrances. Here’s a sample of some of the island-inspired bath and body products you can find at SJ Creations.

Clockwise from Top Left: 17.4 oz. Papaya Mango Cleansing Hand Wash ($7), 12 oz. Passion Fruit Hand Lotion & Wash in Ceramic Caddy ($20), 17.5 oz. Coconut Lime Cleansing Hand Wash ($7), 16 oz. Honey Mango Delightful Duo with Exfoliating Body Polish ($8), 23 oz. Island Banana Cleansing Hand Wash ($10) and 8.4 oz. Pineapple Pear Refreshing Room Mist ($4).

There are few scents that capture the allure of summer as much as the aroma of the beach. The ocean air has a refreshing quality that’s perfect for summer and SJ Creations has a variety of ocean and sea inspired fragrances to help you enjoy a day at the beach without leaving your home. Take a peek at this selection and visit SJ Creations for more!


Clockwise from Top Left: 12 oz. Sea Mist Hand Lotion & Wash Caddy Set ($20), 16.9 oz. Sandy Beaches Hand Wash ($7), 12 oz. Ocean Mist Ceramic Row Boat Caddy ($20), 8.4 oz. Sea Breeze Room Mist ($4), 500 g Ocean Breeze Soothing Bath Salts ($6) and 26 oz. Ocean Waves Hand Wash ($10).

The sweet yet tangy scent of citrus is a perfect complement to the long days of summer. Whether you prefer lemon, lime or orange, we’ve got an array of hand washes and other bath and body products to enhance your summer glow. Even better, all of our lemon-scented products are 25% off during the month of June!

Clockwise from Top Left: 16 oz. Orange Shaped Hand Wash ($10), 25 oz. Lemon Verbena Elegant Creamy Hand Wash (on sale for $7.50), 12 oz. Key Lime Hand Lotion and Wash in Metal Caddy ($15), 8.4 oz. Mandarin Orange 3 Piece Caddy ($18), Bergamont Lime Cleansing Hand Wash ($7), and 16 oz. Lemon Verbena Room Mist (On sale $5.25).

What’s your favorite summer scent? Leave us a comment and tell us why!


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