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An Apple for a Teacher

Just yesterday I featured this 16 oz. Apple Shaped Hand Wash on our Facebook page and I received a wonderful idea from a fan. Gisele P. said, “Cute teacher gift!” I’m not sure how that thought escaped our attention before but I’m very happy that Gisele pointed out that fact.

Apples have long been a symbol of teachers and a quick search online revealed that there is no clear answer why. Some speculate that it’s because an apple is seen as a symbol of knowledge. Others use the common alphabet learning phrase, “A is for Apple,” to explain the fruity gift. Or maybe it was a wish of good health as in, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” A few people even view the kind gesture as a bribe for good grades.

Perhaps the most likely explanation dates back to the days when teachers were paid with produce and the farmer’s kid would bring an apple each day as a form of payment for school.

Whatever the reason, over the years the gift of an apple has become a common practice in schools. Switch things up a little this year with this beautiful apple-scented hand wash to remind your child’s teachers how much you appreciate all their hard work and dedication. This 16 oz. soap makes a perfect end-of-the-school-year gift and it’s now on sale for half price. Enter code APPLE at checkout to receive your apple-scented soap for only $5!  It’s a small price to pay to show a teacher you care.



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