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Make Your Own Fancy Nancy Halloween Costume in 6 Easy Steps!

Being the fanciest girl in town this Halloween is easier than you might think! Here are six simple, easy steps to put together your own Fancy Nancy Halloween costume:

1. First, start out with the frilliest, fanciest dress you can find. Tutus are always trés chic! Look for a bright dress with lace, sequins, and frills all around! Here’s a hint: pink and purple are posh colors.

If you can’t find a dress, a 1950s style poodle skirt with a pink top would be oh-so-Nancy too!

2. Second, there’s nothing fancier than a crown or tiara, and Fancy Nancy never seems to leave home without one! You can pick these up at a party or costume store. While you’re there, look for a feather boa for a little extra splash!

Fancy Nancy Posh Powder Set

3. Before you wear your crown or tiara, don’t forget your fanciful hairdo! It doesn’t matter if your hair is short or long – both are just as fancy when you poof them or add ribbons, curls, or baubles. Try our shimmery Fancy Nancy Posh Powder to give your skin a glamorous Halloween glow!

4. Nancy loves her fancy red heels paired with her frilly, pink-and-white socks. You can put your own spin on the outfit by adding stockings instead of socks – you pick the color! Custom is SO Paris!

5. Extravagant accessories like a dainty umbrella or a shiny little purse will add a little za-za-zing to your costume. Or, if you’re looking for something fancy in a pinch, ribbons and bows will always do the trick.

6. Finally, top it all off with a dash of glamour: pink or red sunglasses, a sparkly necklace, bracelet, and ring all say “Oooh la la!”

Pull them all together, and you have the makings for the fanciest, Nanciest Halloween ever!


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