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Dry Skin? Why does cold weather cause skin to dry out?

My skin has been rapidly drying up as the weather is getting colder, and it made me wonder — Why does skin get so dry when it is cold out? It’s such a common thing but I never really knew the reason, so I did some investigating!

Here is what I learned:

  • The medical name for dry skin is Xeroderma.
  • When it’s cold outside, we use heaters inside. This switching between temperatures has a drying effect on skin. Heaters tend to dry out the air, unless you use a humidifier.
  • The lower the humidity of the air, the faster water escapes from your skin (60% humidity balances the skin, anything lower causes water to evaporate from the skin and dry out).
  • Dry skin results when the outer layer of your skin (which holds natural oils that prevent the moisture in the deeper layers of skin from escaping) is damaged/dry and does not function properly.

What can you do to heal dry skin?

  • Moisturize! Body butters are the most healing, their thick formulation absorbs into dry skin and helps bring back the top layer of skin so that it can do it’s job. Lotions are great as well, and for the face you should use face-specific products that do no irritate the sensitive skin of the face.

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